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  1. Caikez died in 2015 Sardina still alive in 2016 y legends like Sardina never die

  2. Cake

    Any News About New Server?!@!

    how u no dis
  3. Cake


    Hay baby gurls, I wanna play again so could you wipe nemesis? Get rid of dk armor pls and change a few more setting thnx.
  4. Cake

    Video Ek

    You guys had him boxed at :12!!!!!!
  5. but d00d u would be full hero in like 3 weeks with this rented hero u kno?
  6. Now that's what I'm talkin' about. 30 days too long mang.. make it 14
  7. Cake

    Screenshot/video Dump From 2006 On.

    I was a very itenless warrior for the most part lol. Except when I borrowed edits items :]
  8. Cake

    Screenshot/video Dump From 2006 On.

    Damn I might have to install HB again. Just give me your account Cow so I don't have to lvl :]
  9. Cake

    Looking For Unban

    ok u got it!
  10. Cake

    Happy Birthday Magicjoker

    happy bday men
  11. Cake

    Open Challenge For Shmee-

  12. Cake

    More Admins

    You people should just log in more, go to the enemy town, start eking, and stop complaining about no events!
  13. Cake

    Cakes Birthday Bash Bonanza

    thnx amigos ;)
  14. Cake

    Berserk Wand Dmg

    I think it adds damage before rings. I could've sworn it was posted somewhere sometime.