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  1. Bobcat

    Server Maintenance 28/01

    White it seems like you are always fighting the players. I understand you are doing what is best for the server but the people in the server matter too. In fact I logged in today after being gone since around the new launch and I find that the server is dead again but this time in less than a year which is ridiculous for nemesis. Why are you pushing the public's thoughts away and with it the player base? i've seen this COUNTLESS times over the years and I just don't get it. I'm not trying to disrespect but you need player feedback. Other servers often base many of their updates purly around player feedback always taking their consideration into account. It is after all the players that will be dealing with the changes and such. Just an observation.. very sad to see nemesis yet again low in server population and I sincerely hope it turns around for the better soon.
  2. Bobcat

    Infamous Guild:

    Actually a funny story about that, I didn't usually say 'ya'll', but in my university Latin class the proper way to translate any 3rd person plural verb was by the word 'ya'll'. So I am hick as a consequence of Latin, go figure. B)‚Äč
  3. Bobcat

    Infamous Guild:

    hahaha I'm glad my Ya'll was amusing for Ya'll :P
  4. Bobcat

    Infamous Guild:

    Ya'll are single-handedly ruining the fourms and server. PLEASE stop while ya'll are ahead because this 'protesting' seriously isn't cool. This isn't something that will be fixed over night IT TAKES TIME TO BALANCE. You can't just throw guilds back and forth, it causes problems due to the timezone and new players etc.. But ya'll are causing the problems now, not the imbalance. Ya'll are playing a game not lobbying Farjat, have fun and stop ruining this game for the rest of us. Thanks
  5. Bobcat

    Some Suggestions

    Cf pit is much but I think it's reasonable given that it is a highly contested area. Constantly being raided so that it's hard to stay there long. It's kind of like a king of the hill as far as maximizing exp goes in my opinion.
  6. Bobcat

    Any Plans To Update This Client?

    213 please stop being so negative man the server is doing fine and the staff is doing a good job leave em be for a few days at least
  7. Bobcat

    Some Suggestions

    I agree with the d3 / d4 quest.. while it is nice I feel it is being abused quite a bit and doesn't feel very rewarding. Don't take out the cf pit though, I don't see a reason to focus population on one map, pvm is obviously an important part of the game. As for mim if anything maybe raise the mp cost a lot so that mages will have to be more strategic about its use rather than constantly spamming it to keep the enemy in perpetual mim.
  8. Bobcat

    Remapping Insert Key W/ Ahk

    he said broken keys. read before uselessly spamming.
  9. Bobcat

    Server Unstable / Warning

    Thanks for informing us Farjat and doing what you can in the mean time. It sucks but I sure hope this issue gets resolved soon so we can get back to killing each other :(
  10. I was wondering if we could get the number of players online back under the calendar on the home page, or at least an icon saying whether the server is online or not. I am finding myself constantly trying to log on to see if the server is back up and sometimes it is hard to tell if it's server issues or my own issues. I just feel this would be useful and save some frustration by just checking the front page instead of attempting to log in every time. Thanks
  11. I said 5 years not barely 1 Go play conspiracy theory somewhere else. Oh and btw lets not start hating on people's religions. Thanks
  12. Bobcat

    Cant Even Connect To Server....

    It happens, and will happen for a while longer so just be patient. Seriously everyone please quit complaining!
  13. Sure this would make sense... if it wasn't for the fact that hb nemesis 2 had about 100% uptime with exceptions of server maintenance. They have great dedicated servers and a great coding staff. To act like this is the staff's fault is ridiculous. And even if it was they would tell us, just like they always have before.
  14. Bobcat

    Remove Mim From Magic Shop!

    I don't see why this is up for discussion. Hb nemesis had mim in shop since I started playing here over 5 years ago. Why the heck are we talking about changing it now? Leave it in the shop, where it belongs. It is an annoying spell but it's apart of the game and makes it more challenging / fun.
  15. Bobcat

    How To Fix Invul + Tp+ Boxes

    I actually think this is a great idea. Now just revert the system to how it previously was and make random spawn points. Everyone is happy