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  1. Om1sh

    Mp56 Hoes W

    my advice is to not do that, worth more than just rod
  2. Om1sh

    Mp63 Wings And Mp49 Plate M

    also selling on AH
  3. Om1sh

    Angel Upgrade List?

    cant seem to find one on the site, was curious to know how much majs for each + angel from 0-20, thanks
  4. ever since the server came up we've dced all at once 2x now
  5. Om1sh

    Week #2 Scavenger Hunt!

    Booster pack > shitty xp wand. No way #2 trumps # 1
  6. Om1sh

    Mp63 Wings And Mp49 Plate M

    will also take 52str helm
  7. Om1sh


    What do you actually call a ns armor? is it a piece that has any stat below 21%? so a HP 14% is also ns for you? or you call ns piece one that has no secondary stats on it? I got a dr35 leather , mr28 leather, mo14 leather. Every other drop was no secondary stat at all. Wich, by definition, makes them ns.
  8. Om1sh


    22 majs in Igs solo this weekend and I got something like 10-12 armor drops. That's roughly 7-8 hours or so ( used 5 xp boosters + 7 majs without) drop rate Isn't super low. But people would like to get more than 1 ns armor drop per maj.... Just sayin
  9. Om1sh


    it also doesnt help that with so few fights (compared to what can be expected on a "popular" server) that people get ek hungry and will hunt down every goldy they see, causing them to leave because they cant get a level without eating dirt/running to safe