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    Goddam Elv Abbadons

    First of all, there are 52 weeks in a year. Second of all, you cannot take an "average" from 2 occasions, that's ridiculous. So we get 2 weeks on the high end, big deal. If it turns out the next 2 weeks drop stones, the "average" goes from 2 to 1. 112 rares to 52 rares (including blood items). A year is a long time, and not only will that "average" most likely change drastically, so will the server. We can't say if we'll be able to kill abby every week two months from now. lolz my bad, brain fart on the weeks OK. im taking farjat's word for it that both the first 2 abby drops were "lucky" to get rares i agree that all rares are not equal I'm just saying rares in general, the number of rares you see people sporting in shop we'll just have to see what happens the next few abby hunts. i think even 52 rares in a years span is alot. just my opinion tho ive been playing nem for 5 years and it's always been lowwww number of rares. i think you have to take into account server life and whether you want to wipe server ever again
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    Goddam Elv Abbadons

    in 2 weeks 2 abby's have been killed drops: dark exe ms30 XR blood sword blood axe thats 2-2.5 rares per week.. people will kill every week knowing they are guaranteed rares now. thats 56 weeks in a year times 2 rares (conservatively) this time next year we could have 112 more rare items in server (AKA HB USA)
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    About Hunter[gm]

    no Damnation guildmaster from nem1 and old Frost[GM] lew still comes on forum and posts occasionally..
  5. AzrieL

    Everyone Should Just Play Mage

    lol loker and GuardiaN did that on nem1 like 5 years ago
  6. AzrieL

    Pl 180?

    i totally agree with converting PL into a BI fight zone where you can actually get eks
  7. AzrieL

    So This Is What Happened...

    honestly things like kloness, merien plate shield dark executor arent even worth mentioning.. they are effective for 1 person things like cancel inhib sb ie x are the ganking rares to be considering
  8. AzrieL

    So This Is What Happened...

    are you the old funnygirl?
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    To Farjat

    dont worry ezekiel will be unbanned in 2030 and ill be back to play.. lol jk i play nem arg now
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    Question Regarding Abbadon

    omg good shit, so funny hajajajaja didn't zalaya try that too? youre right!! it was Zalaya_ heauehau [bR]RuleZ
  11. AzrieL

    Question Regarding Abbadon

    lol this made me think of the time -PichU-? tried to use x blade on abby
  12. AzrieL

    What Do Players Want?

    ITS A GHOST no u
  13. AzrieL

    Therapist: An Update

    Cakes is good he won many itens why you keep talkin about cakes? you dont even know him who are you
  14. AzrieL

    Happy Birthday Sexy

    its your birthday and i know you want to riiide out birthday sex...y its the best day of the year
  15. AzrieL

    What Do Players Want?

    can i get my char from nem1 back?