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  1. White-Rose

    No Eks In Town At Sade Time

    thats will work
  2. White-Rose

    No Eks In Town At Sade Time

    as u can see elvine lose alot at sade... and thats becuz all elvine are in aresden seeking for eks instead help at ml my idea is to make no eks at sade time Icymage
  3. White-Rose

    Pvp Rules? My *censored*!

    actually i dun fight ppls who pfm/sheilds vs me because i sure when ill catch them pfa they will just recall.. only ppls vs MaynarD r0x etc etc that i will be sure 100% they wont recall ill keep on fight..
  4. White-Rose

    Civilian Mode

    agreed same shit for traveller
  5. White-Rose

    Pvp Guild Event Winners- Argenlandia Vs Civil Disorder

    Keep Dreaming :sleep: miracles still happend :) Aealy. Civil Disorder ftw :D
  6. White-Rose

    Baby Levi Arrived At 2 Am 8-)

    yay finally rachel did it :P :) too bad its not in the 15 augost when is my bday but still 14/8 is rox too !!! congratz torana congratz rachel :) Aealy.
  7. White-Rose

    10 Second Recall

    welll players under 140 can recall and player above 140 cannot recall after 10sec tak ing idmg
  8. White-Rose

    Why Server Down?_?

    BAH i play yogioh in game boy i m good but i make mistake i press ctrl W and its get out of the game :S going watch drake$josh
  9. White-Rose

    Why Server Down?_?

    i think we just need white bread amd we fine ] GMS answer
  10. White-Rose

    Why Server Down?_?

    lawl hahahah
  11. White-Rose

    Why Server Down?_?

    why is server down ?_?
  12. White-Rose

    Im Not Speedgear

    lol on dark demon ?? i m suck hard in war and was 9 vs 1 so shush noob
  13. White-Rose

    Im Not Speedgear

    RaMz u never runned me maybe maybe when 18 vs 1 and its not was u ...
  14. White-Rose

    Nemesis =

    make more xp to the prize of crusade like 3 million and ull see ppls will build at sades. its like free lvl. !!or make a prize to winner summon event or smthing.. the first to win 3 sades get summon event this things gives so much motivation to build at sade. Aealy.
  15. White-Rose

    Im Not Speedgear

    hmm well ... in the past last week many ppls blamed me im using speedgear system.. and SLYONE was 1 of them and he even wanne give me ban for me "using" speedgear so well here a picture of me walking in d2 with my pro fps 700 just look at that and u will see im not speedgear.. IcyMage.