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  1. Audioslave


    Where are you farjat? We kinda miss ya :(
  2. Audioslave


    Hi Calu! Just wanted to say hello to you and all the team. Glad to know that Nemesis is still up and keeping the HB's flame alive. ^_^
  3. Audioslave

    Racism, A Continue Problem

    We have a solution for this -> Ticket system. Just send a ticket with ss. For those users that you show in your ss: All of them will be banned. I'm tired of this childish attitude. Closed.
  4. Audioslave

    A Question...

    Respondo por mp.
  5. Audioslave

    Encourage The Fight

    ml tp? There are a lot of new tps that u can take at ch. Of course if you want to have those tps you have to win sade / heldenians. I mean, the server is bored because you don't know what to do or you're too lazy to look for enemies.
  6. Audioslave

    Sale La 2 ?

    Virgo dario esta usando la cuenta de rodri??? :rolleyes: Quiero volver a tener un server digno y respetable donde pueda jugar no spameen mas .... VIRGO +1
  7. Audioslave

    Sale La 2 ?

    Virgo +1
  8. Audioslave

    Nemesis Anti-lagg Patch

    Then if you never had lag your post is a bit useless don't you think?
  9. Audioslave


    El cliente de nemesis esta configurado para sacar el mejor rendimiento porque esta desctivada la sincronizacion vertical directamente en el cliente. No creo necesario que tengas que modificar la configuracion de ahi. Notas algun problema en el hb?
  10. Audioslave

    Problem With A Lag For Server?

    Si es problema de fps q te bajan de golpe entonces no, es un temita de tu pc.
  11. Audioslave


    I can't see the sense from bumping this topic. If someone want to talk to farjat then send a mp, dont make this kind of threads. Yes, it's a forum, but we don't discuss this kind of things. Closed.
  12. Audioslave

    Best Idea Ever

    Segui spammeando y te vas del foro
  13. Jajajajajaaja! Pobre zorak! Igual te quiero 1- Meet vazkito 2- Meet dario The worse things that can ever happen
  14. Audioslave

    Happy Birthday Zorak[gm]!

    Thanks mati! :) Thanks dude! Jajajajajaja gracias noob. Yo te ense?o como hacer para no morir y vos me ense?as shield cast :P Hahahahah thanks white! I'll try to do that this friday :P