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    finally no ek in town omg FINALLY :)
  2. Trader

    Nemesis Scavenger Hunt

    i cant see anywhere blue cape stated :D
  3. Trader

    Nemesis Scavenger Hunt

    well, if stated cape is impossible to find (only trade) and the gings can have only one person atm. It looks like the event can be won only by certain ppl. anyway nice idea, nemesis needs more scavenger events :) i think i stop searching for scav event items. congratz for who wont give up and will win :)
  4. Trader

    Nemesis Scavenger Hunt

    B- blue cape with stat% on it, COULD IT BE SWAPPED WITH BLUE GRAPES? G- 5ginseng, COULD IT BE SWAPPED WITH GOLEM PARTS - 1000 blue grapes coz high % of farming is needed, cape out coz if someone havent already got it he wont have it, its almost impossible... but scav event should be fair for everyone ginseng could stay( just money and time needed) but if there would be blue grapes,(high % of farming) it could be replaced. its only suggestion... discuss or forget it
  5. Trader

    Does Server Get An Event?!?

    repeat Demon Event :)
  6. Trader

    Old Skool Hb

    can u add to drop ancient BBH? ;/ and ban amp and blizz
  7. Trader

    Helbreath Nemesis Economy Ministry.

    give him a beer, nice speech
  8. Trader

    "paralyze" Spell

    every war with no items is free ek for mage para is ok break cast isnt ok (dmg appears, spell anyway succeded)
  9. Trader

    Helbreath Nemesis Economy Ministry.

    if u make prices x25, new players will never start, specially mages who has to buy spells. make some evnts, spawn wyv in the city or something, pick the drop, and put it in auction, get money from winner and food it:) more drops more money will be deleted :) ppl is happy and minister of economy is happy:) and we dont need to change anything :) or just say in global u have some stons for sale: starting bid: 4kk bid: 500k and money problem disappears
  10. Trader

    M Shield Wand

    delete all m shield wands on serwer set m shield wands drop ratio same as ice elemental necklace or roam or gbh or zerk wand ect...
  11. Trader

    Bug Trackers

    Protection From Arrows doesnt work during crusade i mean Arrow Towers can hit u even u r PFAed.
  12. Trader

    Privat Pits

    it should be exp arena not drop arena... demons can be found in dungeon L4 ettins BF ML DV SW ect
  13. Trader

    Privat Pits

    Arena 1: scorpions Arena 2: skeletons Arena 3: zombies Arena 4: stone golems Arena 5: clay golems Arena 6: giant plants Arena 7: trolls Arena 8: cyclops what do u think? :)
  14. Trader

    Monday Of Updates.

    "U cant enter enemy Structure" fix added. its no retimes no recalls. HOW about swapping scorp pit with snake pit in Aresden? it would be nice change i hope, no more 1 min eks for Elvines or swapping pits in Elvine to let Aresdens have some 1 min raids;p leaving pits as they r is a little bit unfair against Aresdens and gives advantege for Elvines ;/
  15. Trader

    Monday Of Updates.

    LOL so if i came to the enemy city, only way out would be to go back to ML or D2?? heheehe its good, really good :)