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  1. TripleKill

    Exp Rate

    I think it's fine as is. I just think you are too lazy and don't want to work.
  2. TripleKill

    Weekly Ek

    I noticed that your last weeks eks changes. It keeps adding on. For instance, the top person had like 65 eks if i'm not mistaken, but now there are ppl above 65 eks... Also, i think you should ad a record holder to the weekly ek list. Like the person who has the most by the end of any week, then their name is stays up there.. then if someone gets higher, then that someone replaces the old name. =) just a suggestion.
  3. TripleKill

    Extra Guildmaster And /summonguild

  4. TripleKill

    Extra Guildmaster And /summonguild

    I like them both.... you could make the summon command only be used like 1once a day or something.... just like you can only rep once an hour
  5. TripleKill

    Party Bug

    one way that i saw a server do it is to dismiss the party everytime ppl changed maps. It worked really well.
  6. TripleKill

    Old Skool Hb

    They all sound like a great thing to try. but at the end of the day.. I would quit ..... and move to a better server, nemesis =) btw i would like recall to be 10 sec delay... but at same time i wouldn't (sooo.. no) I also think that Mages with dkarmors are too hard to kill.... because if i 1v1 them.. they complain if i use pfm.... so i dont .. then they para me and blizz.... and what do i do??? crit for 20?!?!?!?!!?!? i think is sorta lame
  7. TripleKill

    Red And Blue Chat

    I say have the town chats be the same and the huntzones, but leave everything else alone.... It would help with ppl trading. I know a lot of ppl go online and ask for stuff and no one has, but maybe the other town does and they could trade.
  8. TripleKill

    New Website

    I was thinking you could add a part that shows who in your guild is on line and what map they are on. I have chara that is not in guild.. so if i could go online and see 6-7 of my guildies in DC, then i would know they are hunting, in which case i could join =) (make it so you have to log on your account) just a suggestion. =) dun have to take seriously
  9. TripleKill

    Sc Raiders .

    I also agree that one should be moved... I prefer the ares one to be honest. it would make ppl fight more else where. and i also think that going in d1 should count for time on both maps and not retime. imo Edit: no 10 sec raid. just fix pit and make d1 raid time part of town. PPl will not get confused about pit. if they do, there are soooooo many ppl on who can help say "scorp pit is at bottom of map"
  10. TripleKill

    Suggestion For Gold

    Everybody is bitching about the gold drop. The Gold drop was needed. It forces people to pick up drops and sell them to shop. If you are always eking.. stop and train for a day or something to afford pots. Helbreath isn't supposed to be about eking all the time. I have a PL raider.. That DRAINS my money.. -.- So i train constantly to make up for that. PLZ STOP BITCHING!!!!
  11. TripleKill


    I think strip is fine.. if the BBH damage was near a GIS... MAYBE EVEN FLAM =O BUT, since it is not.. PLZ lower the stripage
  12. TripleKill

    Dk Weps

    Still, i like the fact that i have strip on my wep XD
  13. TripleKill

    Dk Weps

    I'm not saying that it needs to be as much at a hammer... could be WAY LESS!!!! I just think it should. (i.e. if BBH strips at like 50% then the dk strip would be 0.5%) Just something really small.
  14. TripleKill

    Dk Weps

    Hey, I think The Dk sword should be able to strip a lil bit... like the amount that the normal hammer does... BUT ONLY IF IT IS +15 nothing less!!!! THAT is my idea.. same with mage staff. =) *Edited* maybe even strip less than normal hammer.
  15. TripleKill


    They figured out how to lower gold rate on Nemesis 1 without lowering XP, so I'm assuming it's possible on Nemesis 2 also. :mellow: Getting it seperate is possible.... when Nem 2 was down, I played a server that had like 1 mil exp per IG..... anyways.... the gold was only 300 ish.. I was really nice to trade money for Itenz. =) Right now, Gold not worth anythign. pt 2, I would like to just look down and see how much exp i have left instead of hitting ctrl.