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  1. Getting full hero on hb nem 1 and still only having a mp 35 wood shield as the best item that ever dropped for me :X
  2. TDot


    I never understood your avatar mr Cake'izzles'dizzles'fo'zhizzles Oh , and Hiya Isa!
  3. TDot

    Happy Bday Badass

    Heard they're playing Conqueror Online 2 or something of that sort. Seems we all have sort of quit hb huh? lol. but yea, happy belated-- bday badass :P.
  4. TDot

    Pvp Ladder

    I've always wanted something SORT of like this in a server. but what you explained needs to be more clarified, in a way that it can actually be done, interestingly.
  5. TDot


    The date is later than mine, and i've been playing for about 2-3 years in nemesis.
  6. TDot


    marzipan isn't pro lol, what are you takling about, talking like you know things. Paralyze should last 15 seconds and no more. Warriors will have to learn how to whip out their wands before or after the 15 second duration and try and re-para.
  7. TDot


    Lol. i agree with you carpincho, but 4 years? cmon now, you didnt play that long lol... I was here before u.
  8. TDot


    Raise the exp. Raise the max level. People who made chars specifically for 140, maybe have a "system" worked out for it. Dont know what though, because I of course am not one of the admins...
  9. TDot


    Are you truly that idiotic shiver? I explained why you are wrong already. And yes, PLEASE UPDATE.
  10. TDot


    Well, since you're a nooby, ill help you with a little "HB 101"... In the game of Helbreath, something that is "unbalanced" is deemed "unfair". What might be "fair" to someone, and "unfair" to another, is what it means to be "unbalanced". Both words have the same meaning, in Helbreath. Thus, what i am getting at is... You feel (as i'm sure you do), that it is "unfair/unbalanced" to raise exp as well as raise the max level because you've worked "hard" to get to level 140. (us veterans who played hbnemesis had our chars deleted, after playing on it for 2-3 years). Although, yes it probably is "unfair/unbalanced" for the 140's on the server, this update would greatly affect the population. (just like what happened when they whiped us, it was "for the good of the server". Apparently they wanted to "better" appeal to the newcomers, yourselves, into playing as well.. and maybe some bugs that were on the server, which took awhile to fix). But as far as I'm concerned, I know many many many people, who would/will play if and when the update happens. Enough said.
  11. TDot


    LOL. All you have been posting is of how sexy is only raising the exp by A LITTLE, but you want it to stay the way it already is. Stop changing your words around. If you have no objections of the update, then stop posting about what you think lol. (because what you think the server should be like, is the complete opposite of what the update is). And what do you mean "i never said it will be unfair... unfair ir wont be cause it is fair that top lvl own low lvls couse they spent too much tiume training... all im saying is that its gonna be unbalanced." Unfair and unbalanced? Whats the difference?.. And how would it be "unbalanced" if the update happened? especially when (you said it yourself), its for the good of the server.
  12. TDot


    Need to RAISE exp (not just a little) so that ppl can get max lvl, and make max lvl 180. And that is when you WILL see the population INCREASE. iPod stop talking about how "unfair" it would be if the exp was raised and it the max lvl was raised to 180. The character i played on for about 3 years was deleted, and here you are complaining how you want it to be rasied A LITTLE only. There are MORE ppl that want EXP RAISED and MAX LVL TO 180, than there is of wanting everything to the same as it is now. Selfish ppl, you need to learn that this WILL help the server GROW. So you made it to 140, WOW THAT WAS HARD? The admins are listening to the MAJORITY of the server, not the little kids who are scared people will catch up to their level and actually be able to PVP fairly this time around. Sorry to say it, iPod.
  13. TDot


    Cool, looks like u guys are getting what you want...(holding off the max lvl 180 ) And looks like you guys are the few that are playing still :).
  14. Bad Images, admins wont see a thing, they're wayyy to small.
  15. TDot


    Thats why you dont let them escape if they're running / trying to recall. I"m tired of lvling (like most people) and i'd rather pvp than have to level. Garch, people will ALWAYS run when they're losing, no matter what level difference. But to be able to fight each other at the SAME lvls (max lvls), i think is alot of fun because its a battle usually based on SKILL, and not on a character's level.