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  1. chechoo

    Emprending Contest - Concurso De Emprendedores

    Kubano, you dont really know what you are talking about. Actually, the new BB10 system is quite good. Also, the contest was a Blackberry contest and it will help me to start my company, but the application will be available in all platforms if we win finals, the application is mine, not a Blackberry property.
  2. chechoo

    Emprending Contest - Concurso De Emprendedores

    I happy to inform that Donde Duermo is in the finals!, thanks all for help! Estoy contento de contarles que Donde Duermo esta en la final!, gracias por la ayuda a todos!
  3. chechoo

    Changing Baxe Shield Strip

    Totally agree!
  4. chechoo

    Instant Level 180 Feature

    There will be any prices based on the location? For Argentina players its $300...
  5. chechoo

    Sfbara Pulled ( Process )

    3v1 and used MiM, that spell really need to be changed to a manual or to a 1 square...
  6. chechoo

    Emprending Contest - Concurso De Emprendedores

  7. chechoo

    Emprending Contest - Concurso De Emprendedores

  8. chechoo

    Emprending Contest - Concurso De Emprendedores

    Please Moha, I know it from blackberry, they are just going to help me to create my business :D. please like it!
  9. English: I know this doesnt go here but I need to get votes to win this contest. Im participating in a emprending contest and I need to get enought votes to get the investment for my applicacion. You only need to like the application called "donde duermo bs as" in this page: thanks you ppl and please share with ur friends. Spanish: Se que esto no va aca pero necesito conseguir votos para ganar el concurso. Estoy participando en un concurso de emprendimiento, si consigo suficientes votos voy a ganar la inversión para mi aplicación. Solo tienen que darle like a la aplicación llamada "donde duermo bs as" en este página: gracias gente y por favor compartan con sus amigos. PD: si lo que puse en ingles esta mal, alguien pasemelo bien. PD2:GMs, please dont delete or move this, I need those votes.
  10. chechoo

    Manu Stuff

    Thanks guys, really, never heard about that XD
  11. chechoo

    Manu Stuff

    PD: I still dont know what OP is. PD2: Cant edit posts from cellphones.
  12. chechoo

    Manu Stuff

    Excuse me white, i wasnt being aggresive, i just dont understand some things of english and dont know what OP is. I can read, I can try to understand, but if I dont understand, I can only ask again. Sorry for bothering you, didnt know you were that aggresive with people, if you dont have patience for people you should stop answering, is better than acting like that... And probably ban in 3.. 2.. 1.. Becuase thats the only solution for everything here when you get attacked by GM and say something.
  13. chechoo

    Manu Stuff

    Since USA never got source code to modify it. And since we got same source code base. And since if i am not wrong we never touched it Yes. probably exactly same settings. white will confirm... Part I can confirm.... part I need to deny... Confirmed: - Manu'ing was never touched on that part - It indeed has the same effect as stated by the OP - We indeed got the same source base Denied: - USA has sources codes since January 2013 purchased from someone (or at least had a deal standing) But, do we have this bonus or not? armors has bonus? how much?
  14. chechoo

    Balance Warr Dmg Vs Mage Dmg

    sure, as if strips worked well vs dk armors a mage can hit and hit and hit and when he is out of mana, he only has to chug mana pots to repeat... there are no crit pots. a mage has range, he is always away from the warrior, he only has to keep the distance, and 50 dex does more than 100mr... ( 100% shield on mages sux) I COULDNT AGREE MORE WITH A PERSON! when mage is out of mana they just start running with msheild+tower shield waiting for regen to start again, guys that cant see the overpower that mage has are just blind.
  15. chechoo

    Manu Stuff

    Weapons gets this too and also damage and HP bonus, thats why im asking.