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  1. MossBeard

    Event- St Patrick's Day

    9 maj + dm3, thx hunter, was very fun!!!
  2. MossBeard

    Choose Where You Want To Recall

    Anyone else like this idea? I do... I love this Idea :D
  3. MossBeard

    Santa[gm] Christmas Wish List

    Dear Santa[GM] pa haub W i dont know what would be considerd to much so ill go with 50% xD higher if you will xD, ty for my chance Santa GM XD
  4. MossBeard


    I have a bad case of the Bumps, as well... chasing ppl, going in buildings right behind/infront of somone. Trying to get on a drop durrin a summon event is a joke. :(
  5. MossBeard

    Pfm Noob

  6. MossBeard

    Dragonia Is Officially Opened!

    heres a pic of Dragonia....Look at the map, is it supossed to be like that?
  7. MossBeard

    Update 4.6

    - Angel sparkles removed to increase FPS and reduce lag; Yeah!!!! :D
  8. MossBeard

    Unisex Potion/armor

    I think i'd be nice to have either all armors be unisex or have a potion that can change (W) armor to (M)/(M) to (W), it could be a drop, like power greens or a shop item 5k-500k i dont care... just a thought...I dont know about everyone else but i dont wanna change the sex of my char, to fit into armors, Im a male and I want my char to be male :o
  9. MossBeard


    It would be nice if they gave u more exp, the killing of 20 frost's quest only gives you 14k exp. I think should be around 50-100k or somthing
  10. MossBeard

    Forum Contest- Design A Magic Spell

  11. MossBeard

    Forum Contest- Design A Magic Spell

    Spell Name: Hallucination Int Req: 200 MP Cost: 200 The spell would only be found in Aresden/Elvine Garden. Instead of being a manual, it would be a mushroom that you would eat to learn the spell. it would only grow when its raining, and would only appear for a few minutes a day/week. The spell would cause the person it was casted on to hallucinate, so instead of seeing one person attacking you, there would be 3 mirrors/copy's of the caster, they would do no damage and have half the Hp of the caster and would last 30 secs. they would mirror everything the caster does, and only the person it was casted on would see the 3 fakes.
  12. MossBeard

    Bug In Priv Pit Arena

    I just reserved pit #5 around 2:50pm Pacific Time...It worked fine for me by my self for an hour, then i got "Alright" to go with me and after 10 mins we were forced out. we each had two tickets when we went in, Alright didnt have any after being forced out, I had one, and tryed using it and it did nothing...just thought I'd post it.
  13. MossBeard

    Christmas Is Over...

    I was wondering if the christmas lights on the trees and that horrible christmas music will ever go away, that would be great.
  14. MossBeard

    Angel ??? Upgrade???

    Does upgrading the angel even work, or is it bugged??? I've tryed to upgrade my str angel 6 times and failed everytime, please reply, thanks