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  1. Ban all players who don't speak english >.<
  2. Beetlebum

    Bug Track

    hmm just a wild quess but does your char disappears and you can't move? Then switch attack mode constantly.
  3. Beetlebum

    Helbreath Nemesis Hacked.

    How on bloody earth that 5 sec makes changing map safe when there is a box waiting for you ?
  4. Beetlebum

    Helbreath Nemesis Hacked.

    Yeah, Oil, safe zones are there for a reason, koreans tested and developed the game basics for a long time and ended up with game that is still breathing after 7-9years - why wreck that? because wannabes like Dimora wanna change it because they can't deal with it when someone manages to run from them if they are 10 vs 1.
  5. Beetlebum

    Helbreath Nemesis Hacked.

    Come up with some decent ideas then... removing safes is like trying to market cock-flavored lollipops
  6. Beetlebum

    Helbreath Nemesis Hacked.

    Can't handle normal pvp so you have to camp safe zones? Only ares noobs suggest that kind of thing, OH wait !!! You are an ares noob.
  7. Beetlebum

    Helbreath Nemesis Hacked.

    Whats done is done, you can't live in the past but must learn from it. The hacker/abuser obviously is very skilled and would be a great asset to the server. But the only way most people here would be comfortable him in GM staff would be if he was under constant supervision of other GM-s and all his ideas/changes made public, so there wouldn't be any behind the scenes action going on, because once a abuser always a abuser. Don't get me wrong, I would most likely abuse too, honest GM-s are a rare breed, in my 6/7 year I have played many long running private servers and I have only met 1 honest GM(not iven 100% sure about that), only way to stop people in charge of server abusing is to keep constant eye on them and not giving them a chance to iven think about doing something bad, that is what we should do in this case.
  8. Beetlebum

    Complete Droplist

    Question to farjat: There are a lot of wild rumours going around that rep, party, character luck(??) etc effect droprate, is any of this true? Since you have access to server files maybe you can clear this out. Thanks in advance :)
  9. Beetlebum

    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I'm surprised you didn't pull from those campers :o Probably not enough time Who the *censored* are you?
  10. Beetlebum

    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Just yesterday I spent hours in IG and got nothing, then I repot and when I TP back I get murdered without a chance by some noobs camping the TP, welcome to hbnemesis,
  11. Beetlebum

    Pvp Event Sunday Feb 17th

    zzzzZZzZz this event is so noobish, standard naked LMS and soo big prizes, winners are only question of who gangs up on who... GM-s have no obligation to hand out rares via events, rares should come from hunting or if you are going to hand them out make the event really good like 8 vs 8 (party vs party) etc etc, not some standard LMS thats been done over and over and over in every server that there is... I doubt this rant is going to change anything just a thought for the future... Furthermore there is no diffrence in ms10 or ms20 for res. wand since you can only use it like spec ability ( once in 20mins) maybe throw in a mp 14-21% cape for the winner too...
  12. Beetlebum

    Ig Drops Reduced?

    Not to be a bitch about it, but for the last 7-8 majes, I have got like 1 platemail and a few leathers from IG, when before I avraged like 1 hose/plate/berk per maje in 10 levels. Am I hitting some major streak of bad luck or are IG armor drops reduced? I just wanna know.... not demanding any change...
  13. Beetlebum

    A Few Suggestions..

    Well, I think the amount of contr(maybe add gold?) you should gain to get to private pits should be rather high, because if it would be low then everyone would be spending their time in those pits and there wouldn't be any action in ML/IB.
  14. Beetlebum

    A Few Suggestions..

    Eeeeww, farjat, won't you get in trouble with this?
  15. Beetlebum

    1st Stage Updates Done

    Nemesis has been around since 2004, might have been 2005 - I might be mistaken. (I've been here through the majority of the server's life) The wielder of flame in this case is obvious. He isn't behind a veil, we can tell what kind of person and player he is. Plus his intelligence shines through with the "lol ur feathered noob hat" crap. I'm just doing a little prediction. Whats this topic about? Server changes, mostly droprate and all my posts have been about it and when you guys have run out of ideas about why increased roprate isn't good, you turn it into some pity personal attack against me. (and if you think it is personal that someone is calling you a noob in some game, then seek help, proffessional help...)