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  1. sold plx rox

    Trade Plate Hp 84 W

    looking for: Good MP/MA (M). whatever, listing good offers. Also: trading berk mp 28 W for M
  2. sold plx rox

    [Event] Spring Guild Vs Guild Pvp Tournament !

    Its Guild vs Guild, not GUILD + GUILD
  3. sold plx rox

    Where I See Latency?

  4. sold plx rox

    Where I See Latency?

    Min: 187 ms Max: 200 ms o.O
  5. sold plx rox

    About /createparty

    thx! ;)
  6. sold plx rox

    About /createparty

    hai, i just wanna know if when u are alone and use /createparty u get full party (and this incrise ur drop rare) or still the samething, same drop rate from 1 person thx ;)
  7. sold plx rox

    What Type Of Pvp Event Do You Want?

    - 2 vs 2 - War And Mage - Prizes Ie Sword, ress wand or coloured hp/mp 14 cape (like elguason said) - naked
  8. sold plx rox

    Christmas Event

    Kloness Event PLX ;D
  9. sold plx rox

    Nemesis Int

    may a lil event should return some players to int... what u think?
  10. sold plx rox

    Nemesis Int

    Arg 362 - Int 56 LoL
  11. sold plx rox

    Argentina Server Opening.

    Host inter whrs the arg are hosted and DONE! ;)
  12. sold plx rox

    Argentina Server Opening.

    everbody are going to hb arg talking about the ping is perfect and delay... and too many players and the int are going dead! why dont change the inter host to argentina and all are done? :S
  13. sold plx rox

    What To Do After Getting Hero Set?

    good idea. 2many players leaving after full hero bcuz are boring :(
  14. sold plx rox

    Old Schoolers?

    hb inter v 1.95 around 1998 :D raid in dung nb owns lol
  15. sold plx rox

    Found A Hacker

    no hacks? lol check the seconds... first ss 38 sec/ second ss 39 sec/ third ss 39 sec... mean dt and hits in 1 sec? fast no?