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  1. Simple

    You're Addicted To Helbreath When...

    Realistic reasons.
  2. Simple

    Who Remembers...

    True ^_^
  3. Simple

    Nem1 Rebirth

    how about shup up? How about learn spelling? It was a legit comment, this thread is just full of people reminiscing the times when they had god like items and as such people whine to bring back the server or to make nemesis 2 as fruity as nemesis 1. Yes, nemesis 1 was a great ride, but, let's face it, it's over. Nemesis 2 is and will be the way for quite a while more. Instead of whining, why not put some effort into getting the player base of nemesis 2 up and make this the best damn ride for all Helbreath players? How about to learn russian then, m? Clever one...
  4. Simple

    Who Remembers...

    all fights where was Donnie was really fun ;) Lew, u was our wall :P
  5. Simple

    Nem1 Rebirth

    how about shup up?
  6. Simple

    Nem1 Rebirth

    It would be real cool to reborn Nem1 with old database. Much people could come back :)
  7. Simple

    Happy Birthday Nimda

    Dead? Don't say shit like that. Happy bday, Nim. P.s. - sorry that so late.
  8. Simple

    Happy Birthday Isabelle!

    Happy bday, Isa! Wish you all best.
  9. Simple

    Mana Convert

  10. Simple

    Make Barracks Normal Exp.

    People know, that it's the the best private helbreath server. Mostly players like to level real fast and get into action asap.
  11. Simple

    Dilr0y Is Back

    I don't even know you.
  12. Simple

    Few Events In 30 Minutes...

    im not online now, just logged to say hello to my beloved mofo ;)
  13. Simple

    Few Events In 30 Minutes...

    Hi mofo ;)
  14. Simple

    Cheaper Prices

    farjat, your always short and categorical.
  15. Simple

    Happy Birthday Lew!

    Happy BDay, Lew.